Enterprise Architect & Platform Strategist

Category: Independent Consulting
Industry: Telecoms & Financials
Past: *NIX/Storage/Net/HW/Prog. (23y+)
Speaks: Tcl programming (like this site)
Base Camp: Johannesburg, RSA
Email: akoroma at consultant dot com

In recent years, my professional focus has been in but not constrained to;

digital transformation

My specialization is in Platform Strategies, see how we can collaborate and conceptualize, create, launch and monitize your platform with value.

MIT Management Executive Education - EMERITUS Institute of Management.

entreprise architecture

As an EA and a fanatic technologist, my services can assist your organization valuably with Enterprise, Domain architectures and solutions design to better streamline and improve the business and architectural landscapes


systems integration

For a seamless integration project...no matter how complex. It is important we discuss and design a vertical, horizontal, star or data integration strategy together and deliver strongly. Integrate anytech, anywhere, anycloud



I'm a big fan of Unix, Tcl and Open source technologies. This section is a highlight of some of my personal projects.



Simple and Open Omni-channel Framework (SOOF) is an architectural framework developed over the past two years, for the implementation of an omni-channel strategy. It is a work in progress and in the public domain for review, therefore your comments are welcome...read here


This web site as a project was developed using a cool and versatile Tcl Web Object Oriented Framework called Woof!
I'm still novice to the product, so the page is a work-in-progress. The stack is hosted on a DO cloud droplet configured as follows;

  • OS: Ubuntu 16.6
  • Web Server: Lighttpd 1.4
  • Web Framework: Woof! 05b4
  • Framework-to-Server Integration: SCGI
  • Lang: Tcl, HTML and CSS

Wub Tutorial

Wub is a pure-Tcl HTTP 1.1 web-server. This project documents the installation, configuration and development aspects from my perspective while trying to know the product thus the title Wub Unofficial Bootstrap Tutorial


A tiny and robust authentication and authorization Tcl package. It includes a very rudamentary in-memory db session management.
The code can be downloaded here if interested in playing around. You can also try an application of it right here


A repository for tracking any serialized item in four states (normal, blocked, transfered and retired). It was developed in Wub, it will run on this same server on port 8080 (to do).


All materials are absolutely open for reuse;


Simple and Open Omni-channel Framework, an architectural framework for the implmentation of an omni-channel full work in progress document.

doAA & doAA DB

A tiny authentication and authorization package with in-memory db for session management. The SQLite3 database is also included

WUB Tutorial

A tutorial documenting the use of the Tcl Wub web framework starting from installation. It includes code examples


This program makes a fancy Unix command-line progress bar rather than the traditional rotating stick. It was written in korn shell and many years ago too...I doubt the term commands are still supported :)


This was a monster of a shell script program. It performed user and security administration across multiple server on the Unix network. It's a command-line menu-driven program (from those SysAdmin days)


This program processes log file and mass loads them into a MySQL DB. It was part of a program that processed and loaded between 3-4 million record nightly